Trump is not Nehemiah. Or, we shouldn’t want him to be.

Jeffress’ sermon drew comparisons between the leadership of Nehemiah, the governor of a Persian province in the 5th century BCE, and the man who would be sworn in as the President of the United States in a matter of hours. The premise of the sermon was, at some level, innocuous: he used a biblical passage to encourage and exhort someone who was moments away from becoming the most powerful person on earth. But his act of biblical interpretation was contextually careless and theologically pernicious. 

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We are a group of scholars, thinkers, and activists whose paths crossed five years ago, the start of what would turn out to be a long-lasting “fellowship” of friendship and support. (Yes, there is a strong Lord of the Rings fandom among us.) We all attended Christian universities or colleges as undergraduates, and went on to pursue advanced degrees, joining the world of academia for either a passing moment or as a lifelong endeavor.

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